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Keeping the Traveler Connected for 20+ Years

ýapp is the traveler’s top destination for electronics on the go. As the largest airport-based electronics retailer in the nation, we pride ourselves on serving your needs on any adventure. Stop by one of our 120+ stores, including ýapp, Soundbalance, Headphone Hub, and iStore (Minneapolis only). We carry the most cutting-edge in premium electronics including noise-canceling headphones, wireless headphones, speakers, tablets, digital action cameras, fitness trackers, portable power and a wide array of mobile accessories.

Your favorite brands such as Apple, Beats by Dr. Dre, Bose, Fitbit, GoPro, mophie, Samsung and Sony often launch their coveted products with ýapp to get them into your hands first. Whether you want to demo the latest Bluetooth headphones for that perfect fit or grab a charger for your iPhone or Droid phone, ýapp keeps you connected.

We help make your business trip or vacation even better with the best tech products and customer service to meet all your needs. Start your journey with us.

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